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On the 26th February 2008, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened its doors, and one of the world’s most fascinating and ambitious projects to conserve the future of our food supply was underway. To huge media attention, over 100 thousands seeds were placed in the Vault that day, since joined by another 300 thousands.

Crop diversity is the natural biological foundation of every meal eaten every day, everywhere. This first anniversary event will draw leading figures from the many spheres of influence with which crop diversity intersect, to examine how these frozen seeds lie at the heart of our response to the challenges facing our food supply, particularly as our climate changes, and to explore why this unique and irreplaceable resource is still at risk.

Visit to Svalbard Museum - Guided tour 

Welcome reception and Arctic Buffet Supper 
Hosted by Political Adviser Ane Hansdatter Kismul, Ministry of Agriculture and Food 

Session I - Chaired by Per Harald Grue 

Session II - Chaired by Per Pinstrup Andersen

Roundtable discussion
Emile Frison, Lawrent Pungulani, Jørgen Randers, Mark Cackler, Suman Sahai

Dinner hosted by Minister Lars Peder Brekk
Dinner talk: Crop diversity and a new political agenda - Yes We Can! Frank Loy 

Session III - Chaired by Peter Johan Schei 
The politics of urgency - the challenges of addressing future crises today 

Concluding remarks: Lars Peder Brekk

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